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Second Annual Industrial Advisory Committee Meeting

The RoboEarth project's second annual Industrial Advisory Committee (IAC) meeting was held at the Technical University of Munich, Germany, on May 23rd, 2012. This second meeting focused on getting feedback on the project's direction at its half-way point. Thanks to all participants, in particular to the members of the committee for their participation and […]

Best Cognitive Robotics Paper Award at ICRA 2012

We gladly announce that the conference paper submission called 'The RoboEarth language: Representing and Exchanging Knowledge about Actions, Objects, and Environments' (Moritz Tenorth, Alexander Perzylo, Reinhard Lafrenz and Michael Beetz) has won the Best Cognitive Robotics Paper Award at ICRA 2012. The paper covers the design of the semantic RoboEarth language and how it is […]

RoboEarth at CogSys 2012

The 5th International Conference on Cognitive Systems was held in Vienna, Austria, on February 23 - 24, 2012. The conference aimed at presenting the state-of-the-art in cognitive systems and robotics. It showed European research efforts being made in this field and provided an opportunity for open discussions. Part of the lively interaction was a talk […]

Third Internal RoboEarth Workshop (Update)

Update (Sep 11, 2012): Finally, we compiled a video of the demonstrator we created during the workshop including additional explanations of what is going on behind the visible actions of the robots: The third internal RoboEarth workshop took place  at the Technical University of Munich from February 8th to 12th, 2012, and was directly followed […]

European Robotics Week 2011 (Update)

Update (Jan 05, 2012): More than 100 people joined the introduction to RoboEarth and the interactive workshops. They created and detected their first 3D object models using the RoboEarth platform. We want to thank everyone who helped to organize the successfull event as well as all participants who showed their interest. RoboEarth will present itself […]

RoboEarth at IROS 2011

Members of the RoboEarth team contributed seven papers to the IROS'11 conference, which took place in San Francisco (USA) from September 25-30th. In addition, RoboEarth supported a workshop on Knowledge Representation for Autonomous Robots. During the workshop Jos Elfring gave an introduction to RoboEarth's approach to world modelling. It uses a multiple hypothesis filter (MHF) […]

RoboEarth's First Open Source Release

We are happy to announce RoboEarth's first open source software release. This release allows you to create 3D object models and upload them to RoboEarth. It also allows you to download any model stored in RoboEarth and detect the described object using a Kinect or a webcam. If you are familiar with ROS, creating and […]

RoboEarth - A World Wide Web for Robots

The latest issue of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine (RAM) is dedicated to building a WWW for robots. Our contribution entitled RoboEarth - A World Wide Web for Robots gives an overview of RoboEarth: Its overall architecture, all key components, the available interfaces and an in-depth look at the topics the RoboEarth team is […]

RoboEarth in motion: Videos of the first three demonstrators

To catch a glimpse of what RoboEarth is all about, watch the following videos showing three demonstrators that have been developed in the last months. During RoboEarth's first internal workshop a demonstrator was built to showcase how sharing environmental information can be beneficial to robots, even if they use different hardware and/or software setups: For […]