Workshop at ICRA 2010

At the ICRA 2010 workshop, held May 7 2010 in Anchorage, Alaska, the key players of the RoboEarth project introduced all main aspects of RoboEarth. Part 1 focussed on providing an insight into the potential of the approach, the anticipated challenges and ways of addressing them. In part 2 we had interactive group discussions with the participants around core topics and together highlighted opportunities for academia and industry.

RoboCup German Open 2010

At the RoboCup German Open in Magdeburg 2010, the RoboCup team 1. RFC Stuttgart from the University of Stuttgart and the Tribots from the University of Freiburg, both former World Champions, made a joint effort to share knowledge between their different robot systems, which participated in RoboCup's Middle-Size League (MSL).

Kick-off meeting

1.RFC Stuttgart Bot

This was a first approach of cooperation between robots based on the RoboEarth principle. As soon as the first release of the RoboEarth platform is finished, the prototypical database server will be replaced by the RoboEarth system. The RoboEarth concept could provide new impulses to the MSL and especially reduce the huge efforts needed for new teams to enter the MSL.

Kick-off meeting

On January, 11-12, 2010, the project started with a Kick-off meeting in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. All groups gathered for general project presentations, group discussions and a social get-together. The meeting already showed the great enthusiasm with which the project started off.