Successful workshop at the European Robotics Forum 2013

The RoboEarth team organized a Cloud Robotics Workshop at the eu Robotics Forum, 19-21 March, Lyon, France. The event was very well received.

For more information, have a look at the first part of the workshop, featuring local and remote talks from Moritz Tenorth (TU Bremen), Alper Aydemir (KTH Stockholm), Séverin Lemaignan (LAAS-CNRS), Ibrahim Volkan Isler (University of Minnesota, remote), M. Ani Hsieh (Drexel University, remote), Guoqiang Hu (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, remote), Matei Ciocarlie and Kaijen Hsiao (Willow Garage, remote), Shuichi Nishio (ATR Japan, remote), and Ken Goldberg (UC Berkeley, remote):

Note: Echo is gone after the first 2min.

You may also want to have a look at the archived Cloud Robotics workshop page.